Emergent is Canada’s largest innovator of document creation and file management software. Our software not only makes you more productive, it increases the efficiency of those with whom you interact. Our specialty is software for the legal practice areas of Corporate Records and Compliance, Wills, Estate Administration and Estate Accounting.

Our History

1993 – Released Canada’s first Estate Accounting & Tax automation software

1999 – Released Canada’s first “Suite” for law firms, integrating Corporate Records, Probate and Wills practice areas together into one seamless application

1999 – Released Canada’s first Virtual Minute Book software, providing customers and staff with electronic, real-time access to an entity’s minute book

2005 – Released Canada’s first two-way integration for online filing of Corporations in Ontario.  Filed Articles and incorporation dates are automatically imported into the software without a single click

2007 – Released Canada’s first (and currently only) automatic import of Corporate information for Ontario Corporations, eliminating the need to manually enter information received from the ministry

2008 – Released Canada’s first self-service portal, The Legal Kiosk™, where law firms share signed documents with their customers securely and for any area of law

2009 – Released Hydro IQ, Canada’s first fully integrated file management and document creation suite for a Utility's legal department

2010 – Released Canada’s first workflow integration with popular Document Management Systems (DMS). Eliminates the need to profile Corporate, Wills or Estate Administration documents and fits seamlessly into DMS version and audit control processes

2012 – Released Canada’s first workflow integration with Microsoft Outlook, eliminating duplicate information and automatically populates individual calendars, reminders and tasks with matter specific information

2013 – Released Real Estate IQNova Scotia's first fully integrated file management and document creation software for residential Purchase, Sale, Refinance and Migration transactions

2014 – Released integration with legal Accounting systems, reducing the need for data entry and seamlessly capturing transaction costs for posting to customer accounts

2015 – Released the first adaptive profile screens for Corporate Records software in Canada and the US. Information and terminology appear based on where the entity was formed, maintaining familiarity and streamlining adoption

2016 – Released Canada’s first workflow integration with ProSuite, the number one conveyancing software in British Columbia. In just a few clicks within Estate Planning & Vault Manager, send marketing letters and generate Wills, Representation Agreements or Personal Directives for customers who have recently completed real estate transactions 

  • Emergent has been an essential and efficient addition to our corporate practice. We appreciate its complement to our productivity and standard of service to our corporate clients.
    Tara Klassen, Robertson Stromberg (Saskatoon)
  • Service is awesome. Quick and reliable answers to anything I need.
    Paula Flemming, Corporate Assistant, Davidson & Williams LLP
  • Very pleased with the product, the trainer, and tech support.
    Leanne Ray-Finlay, Corporate Clerk, AUM Law
  • We sought a Corporate Records management system which would dramatically increase our Corporate department’s efficiencies, enrich our response time to clients, exceed our unyielding demand for top quality legal documents and reduce departmental stress while allowing us to target additional clients.
    Anne Dyck, Corporate Services Coordinator, Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP
  • Emergent was already set up on our system when I started working in this office (7 years ago). It has consistently improved and support has always been great. Looking forward to working together for much longer. Thank you.
    Rochelle Doherty, The Ross Firm
  • I found that it was so much easier to use than the other program and that it was very user-friendly. The learning curve was very short and I was merging documents in no time.
    Maurene Stoll, Law Clerk, Kestenberg, Siegal, Lipkus LLP
  • I recovered the time I invested in the software search quickly and best of all, my clients receive prompt and professional documents and there is less stress on me.
    Roland Aube, Managing Partner, Roland Aube, LL.B.
  • I sincerely believe that every law firm should use Corporate Manager ET to keep track of all corporations
    Helen Nicholls, Law Clerk