Estate Administration makes it is easy to administer contested or uncontested estates, Guardianships or Powers of Attorney. Information is entered intuitively and used to generate Applications for Probate, letters to the bank, government agencies and other notices commonly required during estate administration.

Automatically Connected

Information in Estate Planning & Vault Manager is instantly used to enter almost all of the information needed to administer an estate. Simply enter a Date of Death and inventory and you're ready to go.

Inventory & Distribution

Assets and Liabilities are easily entered and used with Beneficiary information to draft the proposed distribution.

Government Forms and Documents

With dozens of precedents and several hundred government forms, Estate Administration is the most comprehensive program for Estate lawyers practicing in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Our content library is constantly expanding. Click here to see the current list of content you can produce for your customers in seconds.


Optional Integrations

Estate Administration is able to integrate with the other software systems you use every day including Document Management Systems, Accounting systems and even Microsoft Outlook.
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Corporate Manager ET is the most up-to-date minute book software in Canada. Click here to review the technical requirements of the software.

  • Emergent has been an essential and efficient addition to our corporate practice. We appreciate its complement to our productivity and standard of service to our corporate clients.
    Tara Klassen, Robertson Stromberg (Saskatoon)
  • Service is awesome. Quick and reliable answers to anything I need.
    Paula Flemming, Corporate Assistant, Davidson & Williams LLP
  • Very pleased with the product, the trainer, and tech support.
    Leanne Ray-Finlay, Corporate Clerk, AUM Law
  • We sought a Corporate Records management system which would dramatically increase our Corporate department’s efficiencies, enrich our response time to clients, exceed our unyielding demand for top quality legal documents and reduce departmental stress while allowing us to target additional clients.
    Anne Dyck, Corporate Services Coordinator, Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP
  • Emergent was already set up on our system when I started working in this office (7 years ago). It has consistently improved and support has always been great. Looking forward to working together for much longer. Thank you.
    Rochelle Doherty, The Ross Firm
  • I found that it was so much easier to use than the other program and that it was very user-friendly. The learning curve was very short and I was merging documents in no time.
    Maurene Stoll, Law Clerk, Kestenberg, Siegal, Lipkus LLP
  • I recovered the time I invested in the software search quickly and best of all, my clients receive prompt and professional documents and there is less stress on me.
    Roland Aube, Managing Partner, Roland Aube, LL.B.
  • I sincerely believe that every law firm should use Corporate Manager ET to keep track of all corporations
    Helen Nicholls, Law Clerk