Emergent Says Data From Their WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax Software Shows Two Prevailing Market Trends

Canada’s leading Estate & Wills software data shows complicated estates are increasing just as fast as the professionals who oversee them.

MISSISSAUGA, ONT, CANADA, December 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Possibly never more relevant than in a generation that sees its population living longer and wealth being more diversified, Emergent reports two interesting trends. The leading supplier of document creation and file management software for law professionals in Canada, Emergent’s WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax software data shows that the field is broadening and getting more complicated.

Darren Cooper, President & CEO of Emergent, said, “It obvious we have an ever-increasing aging population. Over the past four years, we’ve seen our customer base double in size as more and more professionals start practicing in the area of Wills & Estates. Moreover, professionals who already work in this practice area are doubling their workload through the same period. Among other things, this shows an increasing need for estate accounting that can keep up with demand, and that directly points to the benefits of our WindUp software now more than ever before.”

Cooper added that Emergent’s data shows that complicated estates have increased 242% over simple estates over the same four-year period.

The WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax Software can assist in Power of Attorney (POA), Guardianship, Trusts, and Committeeships seamlessly while keeping a detailed Statement of Accounts in real-time. It simplifies fiduciary accounting by automatically calculating gains and losses, executor’s compensation, and generating tax schedules in support of returns. It creates Statement of Accounts in Court Passing format to help limit liability, and WindUp is the only software to offer integrated intelligence which can diagnose an estate and assist users having difficulties balancing an estate. regardless of whether they are simple or complicated.

Cooper adds, “It’s easy to see why estate accounting professionals who use Excel can often spend eight times longer doing estate accounts than those who use WindUp. The data shows this effort will only increase as estates continue to increase in complexity.”

Emergent’s WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax software is used by 87% of Canada’s most respected estates practitioners daily to meet the demanding needs of Estates and Trusts.

For more information, visit https://www.emergent.ca.

About Emergent:
Emergent is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and proves the marketplace with document creation and file management software. The software is available on a disbursable fee-per-file basis. A few of their products include WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax, Canada’s most recognized and lauded estate accounting software, Estate Planning & Vault Manager and Estate Administration – each Canadian Lawyer’s readers choice award-winning products – all of which share data to form an integrated “cradle to grave” solution for estates practitioners.