About Us

Emergent is Canada’s largest innovator of document creation and file management software. Our software not only makes you more productive, it increases the efficiency of those with whom you interact. Our specialty is software for the legal practice areas of Corporate Records and Compliance, Wills, Estate Administration and Estate Accounting.

Our History

1993 – Released Canada’s first Estate Accounting & Tax automation software

1999 – Released Canada’s first “Suite” for law firms, integrating Corporate Records, Probate and Wills practice areas together into one seamless application

1999 – Released Canada’s first Virtual Minute Book software, providing customers and staff with electronic, real-time access to an entity’s minute book

2005 – Released Canada’s first two-way integration for online filing of Corporations in Ontario.  Filed Articles and incorporation dates are automatically imported into the software without a single click

2007 – Released Canada’s first (and currently only) automatic import of Corporate information for Ontario Corporations, eliminating the need to manually enter information received from the ministry

2008 – Released Canada’s first self-service portal, The Legal Kiosk™, where law firms share signed documents with their customers securely and for any area of law

2008 - Released Canada's first online Wills questionnaire, where law firm customers answer standard questions and their information is automatically downloaded into Estate Planning & Vault Manager for use with the law firm's own precedents.

2009 – Released Hydro IQ, Canada’s first fully integrated file management and document creation suite for a Utility's legal department

2010 – Released Canada’s first workflow integration with popular Document Management Systems (DMS). Eliminates the need to profile Corporate, Wills or Estate Administration documents and fits seamlessly into DMS version and audit control processes

2012 – Released Canada’s first workflow integration with Microsoft Outlook, eliminating duplicate information and automatically populates individual calendars, reminders and tasks with matter specific information

2013 – Released Real Estate IQ, Nova Scotia's first fully integrated file management and document creation software for residential Purchase, Sale, Refinance and Migration transactions

2014 – Released integration with legal Accounting systems, reducing the need for data entry and seamlessly capturing transaction costs for posting to customer accounts

2015 – Released the first adaptive profile screens for Corporate Records software in Canada and the US. Information and terminology appear based on where the entity was formed, maintaining familiarity and optimizing ease-of-use

2016 – Released Canada’s first workflow integration with ProSuite, the number one conveyancing software in British Columbia. In just a few clicks within Estate Planning & Vault Manager, send marketing letters and generate Wills, Representation Agreements or Personal Directives for customers who have recently completed real estate transactions

2017 - Released Canada's first hosted, mobile-enabled online Wills questionnaire, where law firm customers answer standard questions and their information is automatically downloaded into Estate Planning & Vault Manager for use with the law firm's own precedents.

A Word about our Service

Law firms need to be able to rely on their vendors to provide accurate, professional and timely responses to their concerns as and when they arise.  Emergent is proud to have earned a 99.6% customer satisfaction rating from support inquiries.  Here are a few of the many comments customers have shared with us about our support:

“Michael is fantastic.  He has been taking my calls for several years, bless his heart, 🙂  and is always very professional and more than obliging when it comes to any questions or help I may ask.”

“Jean is fantastic to work with in resolving any of my help questions.  She is always a phone call away and goes out of her way to work through whatever problems I'm having or questions that I have.  Wonderful to talk with, very professional.”

“Always a pleasure dealing with Jean.  She is always available.  She is helpful, friendly and very personable.”

“Very satisfied.  Extremely helpful.”

“Always receive excellent service from Michael”

”Michael gave excellent customer service as usual.  He is very quick to respond to our requests/issues. Michael is very familiar with us, as a long term customer, and is always willing to assist us at a moment's notice.  We very much appreciate his hard work”

“Michael is an excellent source for support.  I can always count on him responding quickly and professionally.”

“Excellent - as always!”

“It was very prompt and helpful. Keep up the good work.”

“Excellent service”

“Michael is always helpful and efficient in solving the problems.”

“The best! Always does a great job”

“I love Jean, she makes learning the system very easy”

“Michael is fantastic, prompt, reliable and always helpful. He worked with our IT person to ensure the update was done efficiently and correctly.”

“Completed in an expedited manner. Thank you”

“Jean is very helpful and a lot of fun.”

“Michael was very helpful and even offered to come and provide me with one on one training if desired.”

“Great job!”

“Michael was great to deal with. Extremely responsive, knows the product in and out and offered all the follow up support we needed. We were lucky to have him.”

“I appreciated the fast turnaround time in regards to my questions.”

“Rob is always great to deal with:)”

“Excellent help, as always.”

“Timely and professional response to questions. Excellent training.”

“Thanks so much for the quick reply and correct answer to my question.”

“Michael is the best!”

“As usual, Michael was quick to respond and always gives more than is asked.”

“Michael understood my problem and was able to help me fix it as well as showing me how I can fix it myself if it happens again.  He was very helpful and friendly, fantastic service.”

“Robert is great as always. Keep up the good work!”

“Emergent support staff has always been very helpful.”

“Rob was helpful, accommodating and knowledgeable. Thank you.”

“I was given a clear response and my enquiry was satisfied promptly.  Good service.”

“I was impressed how quickly Rob figured out what I had done.  I watched while he worked remotely and corrected my mistake and then he showed me how to do things properly.  Outstanding service!”

“Jean is awesome to deal with - always very helpful, knowledgeable, in a good mood and a great sense of humour. :)”

“Service is always quick and efficient”

“Excellent support and service!”

“As usual, I was contacted immediately and the issue was resolved.  Great service, as always!”

“I've always had great customer service.  Thanks”

“Michael is outstanding!”

“Jean connect to my computer and reviewed what I had done.  She was able to give me a direction and a way to solve my problem, as noted below.  It worked perfectly.”

“Michael Litvack is fabulous! I don't know what I'd do without him. Plus, he never gets annoyed (or, if he does, he doesn't let on) at even my stupidest questions.”

“Michael Litvack is always a big help!! :)”

“I appreciate Michael's quick response, as always!”

“Service was excellent.  I received the help I needed and some added information for future use.”

“Jean was very helpful and informative.  She answered all of my questions in a way that I understood, and was more than happy to go over areas I was unclear about.  One of the better trainers I've had the opportunity to be shown things by.”

“Rob is very helpful.”

“Excellent service and attention to a matter that required assistance on the weekend.   Great response time.  Thank you for your help.”

“Customer service was very quick and excellent, as always.”

“Rob is awesome on his assistance and prompt reply.”