Corporate Records

Throughout parts of Canada, Law firms are overburdened and, according to a national poll, 47% of lawyers say they plan to hire personnel in the next 12 months. Moreover, the poll cited an increase of 22% in the workload of Corporate Commercial lawyers. This has become a significant challenge, as unemployment levels are down to historic lows and acceptable candidates with the proper skills are difficult to find.

Emergent is the first to announce the availability of the new Ontario Probate Forms

Ontario’s Probate forms are changing July 1, 2008 and Emergent announced today it has completed incorporating the changes into its software. “Our users rely on our software to ensure they are producing the most up-to-date government forms,” says Darren Cooper, President & CEO of Emergent. “Keeping our software up-to-date, packed with time-saving features and backed by the best support in the industry is our number one job.

Emergent announces Vault Manager for firms looking to electronically organize their Vault

Emergent Technologies announced today the North American release of “Vault Manager”, software designed specifically to manage the contents of a law firms vault. “Every law firm stores legal documents and valuables in their vault, however very few firms use this information to increase the profitability of their wills practice” says Darren Cooper, President & CEO of Emergent Technologies.

Virtual Minute Book turns storage into billable office space

“Many law firms use purchased software to create the documents they publish into their client’s Minute Book”, says Darren Cooper, President & CEO of Emergent Technologies. “However, most firms only use the software to generate a few government forms or ledgers, yet they are forced to pay large annual support contacts.

The Virtual Minute Book has been enhanced!

Emergent Technologies announced today enhanced Virtual Minute Book capabilities in its Corporate Manager ET software. “Every law firm wastes valuable office space storing Minute Books for active and inactive clients,” says Darren Cooper, President & CEO of Emergent Technologies.

Emergent Technologies announces Executor Assist Kits

As a result of feedback and considerable consultation with Canada’s top banking, accounting, legal and estate professionals, Emergent Technologies is pleased to announce the release of WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax v8.0. WindUp version 8.0 constitutes the single largest advancement in estate accounting processes in decades.