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Virtual Minute Book + Electronic Signatures

Webinars (Online) 15-7895 Tranmere Dr. , Mississauga, Ontario

Originally pioneered in 1999, Emergent's Virtual Minute Book is Canada's most popular document sharing portal. With unmatched flexibility, the Virtual Minute Book also includes DocuSign, the worlds most popular electronic signature software. Click here to register to see how these two powerhouse products are shaping the Canadian legal landscape.

Estate Administration – Product Overview

Webinars (Online) 15-7895 Tranmere Dr. , Mississauga, Ontario

Emergent's Estate Administration software automates the administration of a contested or uncontested estate in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON and NS. The software also automates the cancellation of Drivers Licenses, Health, Photo ID and SIN cards, automatically applies for the Canada Death Benefit and Canada Pension Benefit, as well as alerts Canada's credit bureaus to […]

WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax – Product Overview

Webinars (Online) 15-7895 Tranmere Dr. , Mississauga, Ontario

WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax is the industry leader in Estate Accounting with over 87% of Canada's most recognized estate professionals relying on the software every day. In this webinar, we'll run through the basics from Original Assets, Liabilities and Investments, and simple distributions to complex transactions and mutual fund dividend reinvestments. We'll also cover […]