The concept of a Virtual Minute Book for corporate records was pioneered by Emergent in 1999, designed as a way of allowing internal staff and clients to have immediate access to signed documents.

Today, the Legal Kiosk™ is the name of Emergent's suite of portals designed to simplify and share documents with clients easily and securely. Hosted in Canada by Microsoft, the Legal Kiosk™'s modules include Emergent's famed Virtual Minute Book for corporate records, a Virtual Vault for wills, and electronic books of documents for residential real estate, commercial real estate, intellectual property, litigation and many other areas of law.

Every order of the Legal Kiosk includes access to the Virtual Minute Book as well as every other portal in the suite. Only use what you need. All fees are disbursable.

Entire Minute Book in one-click

No more wasting time printing, collating or sending documents using several emails. Clients can simply download all their accessible documents, complete with title page and Table of Contents, as one PDF in just a simple click.


Access minute book documents from virtually any device, any time, anywhere.  Perfect for when you need information at the tip of your fingers.



Hosted in Microsoft Canada's Azure, the Legal Kiosk™ is the easiest way for law firms to provide clients with secure access to only the specific documents users are authorized to access.




The Legal Kiosk is available for a one-time account setup fee of $399 + tx.  Once your account is set up, Files in each module, including the Virtual Minute Book and Virtual Vault, are charged a disbursable $25/File/yr fee.