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Practice Areas

In 1999, Emergent pioneered the concept of the Virtual Minute Book for corporate records. Yet sharing documents between law firms and their clients is not unique to corporate law. Today, the Virtual Minute Book is one of over a dozen modules within the Legal Kiosk™ designed specifically to enable the sharing of documents with clients across virtually every area of law.

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Whether you’re in your office, heading into a meeting or just want to know, with the Legal Kiosk™ you can access documents for any matter, anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. It’s the perfect flexibility for the busy lawyer and client who wants everything in one place.

Closing Books

View documents individually or download an entire closing book, complete with title page, dividers and bookmarked table of contents in one simple click.

Solving Disorganization

No need to hang up the phone and search for documents your client needs. Answer them right away with the Legal Kiosk™. Access what you need, when you need it, and let the Legal Kiosk™ keep you organized.