Electronic Signatures

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Send documents for electronic signature with ease without the need to follow up on signatures or the need to scan. The most popular document sharing portal with the most popular electronic signature software. Together, they provide an unmatched simplicity at a fixed, disbursable fee per year.

Save Money

A typical law firms spends $30,000 – $80,000/yr or more in on-site storage space for physical minute books. Stop wasting money and time looking for minute books.


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Whether you’re in your office, heading into a meeting or just want to know, with the Legal Kiosk™ you can access documents for any matter, anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. It’s the perfect flexibility for the busy lawyer and client who wants everything in one place.

Close Deals

Designed to suit your style. Work when you want, and where you want. View documents individually or download an entire minute book, complete with title page, dividers and bookmarked table of contents in one simple click.


Enhanced security and encryption. Users can only see the documents and matters they are explicitly given permission to see. No need to engage the Paper Police.