Coming soon – Emergent announces Executor Services addition to Estate Administration at no additional cost

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - October 10, 2019 - Starting next month, users of Emergent's Estate Administration software will be able to offer their clients select Executor Services, including fraud prevention for the deceased, at no additional cost.
"There are over 2.5 million instances of fraud related to deceased's personal information each year in North America", says Darren Cooper, President & CEO of Emergent.  "In 2017, identity fraud cost North Americans over $16 billion dollars.  By bundling automatic notification to credit bureaus with our Estate Administration software, law firms can help reduce the chance of fraud and perform a critical service for Executors that is sometimes forgotten or not completed in a timely manner."
The Executor Services initially targeted by Emergent are the most time consuming responsibilities of an Executor.  By automating these services within Emergent's Estate Administration software, Emergent reduces the burden on the Executor, ensures these services are completed in an efficient and timely manner, and allows law firms to develop a closer relationship with the Executor, all while providing another source of revenue.
Starting next month, Emergent's Estate Administration software will complete the following Executor Services automatically with a single click:
  • Notification of death sent to:
    • Old Age Security Program
    • Service Canada
    • Canada Revenue Agency
    • Social Insurance Program
    • Equifax (Credit Reporting Agency)
    • Trans Union (Credit Reporting Agency)
  • Request to cancel the following:
    • Provincial Health Card
    • Provincial Driver's License
    • Provincial Photo I.D. Card
  • Draft applications for:
    • HST/GST recalculation
    • Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit
    • Canada Pension Plan Survivor's Benefit

Executor Services are available at no additional cost for subscribers using version 14.7 of Emergent's Estate Administration software.

About Emergent
Emergent is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and provides the marketplace with document creation, file management and client-facing portal software specifically in the areas of Corporate, Wills, Estate Administration and Estate Accounting.  Emergent software is available on a fee-per-file basis which also includes unlimited training, updates, upgrades, help desk and automation of each firm's own precedents, all for free for customers with an Annual Subscription.
Darren Cooper
President & CEO, Emergent