Electronic Signatures

DocuSign is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of secure electronic signature software, with milions of users in over 180 countries. Emergent integrates with DocuSign without requiring you to have a DocuSign license to use this industry leading capability.

With Emergent’s electronic signature capabilities, signatories are simply identified on final documents and recipients are automatically sent a link to securely sign. Document signature follow up’s are automated and once documents are signed, they are automatically placed in the appropirate section within the matter’s book of documents for easy retrieval at any time, and on any device.

Document Management

Documents created by Emergent’s software are automatically “profiled” into your firms Document Management System (DMS) saving valuable time. All documents are stored in one location (the DMS) ensuring simplicity and retention of the DMS audit trail and version control processes. All DMS documents are accessed directly from Emergent’s software and integration is invisible and seamless. Supported DMS’s are:

  • iManage (formerly HP Autonomy)
  • OpenText (formerly Hummingbird, formerly PCDocs)
  • WorldOx
  • NetDocuments
  • Legal Software Systems (LSS)



Instantly transmits transaction disbursement information to your accounting system so you don’t have to enter it twice. Supported Accounting systems are:

  • Elite
  • PCLaw
  • ProLaw

Microsoft Outlook

Integrate and share emails, contacts and tasks with Emergent’s software then choose which you would like to work in all day long.

Legal Kiosk™ Portal

The Legal Kiosk™ is an add-on to Emergent's software that allows you to easily and securely provide your customers with access to their own Corporate, Estate Planning or Estate Administration documents. Simply upload the document(s) to share and your customer can view then online in each matter’s very own Virtual Minute Book, Virtual Vault or eBook for over 60 other areas of law.

Legal Intake for Wills

Legal Intake for Wills™

Enhance Emergent’s Estate Planning & Vault Manager software with the Legal Intake for Wills™. Customers simply answer a standard wills questionnaire online and their answers are automatically downloaded into Estate Planning & Vault Manage for instant generation of documents. The Legal Intake for Wills™ website is branded to match our firm's style and you can choose between a short or long form questionnaire to suit your practice's needs. Order Estate Planning & Vault Manager with a volume discount today by clicking here and select the Legal Intake for Wills™ add-on module!


Instant PDF’s

Designed specifically for our WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax software, this add-on allows Statements of Accounts, Executor’s Compensation and any other accounting report to be merged as a native PDF.