Estate Planning & Vault Manager is an award winning, easy-to-use, intuitive and customizable Will drafting program. Entered information is used to generate Wills (Single or Mirror), Powers of Attorney (Representation Agreements and Personal Directives), Reporting Letters and even your Statement of Account.

Reader's Choice Award!

For the forth year in a row, Estate Planning & Vault Manager has been voted one of the best Wills & Estates software solutions by Canadian Lawyer readers. Click here to read more.

Recommending Wills to your Real Estate Customers

Estate Planning & Vault Manager's BC version, known as "BC Estate Planning", integrates with British Columbia’s most popular Real Estate program: ProSuite™. Simply ask BC Estate Planning which customers had purchased, sold or refinanced their home recently and watch your Wills practice increase. Transaction information is automatically imported when you’re ready to do their Will.  Click here to order BC Estate Planning.

Increase Revenue with Automatic Reminders

Remind your customers to keep their Will and POA’s (RA's and PD's) update with automatic reminders. Estate Planning & Vault Manager also lets you track the clauses contained in signed documents so your reminders are tailored to each specific customer. You can even add reminders for birthdays and anniversaries.

British Columbia Version

The BC CLE precedent comes included with the software for customers who have an active subscription with BC CLE. In addition, Representation Agreements and Personal Directives are also included with the program. The BC CLE Will precedent, RA and PD precedents are included at no extra charge.

No Formatting

There's no need to spend hours formatting your documents. Drafts created by Estate Planning & Vault Manager are automatically formatted to match your firm's style.

Government Forms and Documents

Estate Planning & Vault Manger is the most comprehensive Will drafting system for lawyers. Our content library is constantly expanding. Click here to see the current list of content you can produce for your customers in seconds.
Estate Planning - Vancouver
Will Drafting Program Mississauga

Supported Jurisdictions

Regardless of the State, Province or Country you live in, the Estate Planning & Vault Manager database lets you create your customer’s Wills and POA’s with ease.  Information entered is used to merge with your own jurisdictionally-specific precedents.  Select content for customers in Canada are included in the program and available for use either on their own or in conjunction with firm-specific content.  Click here to see the library of precedents that are available with Estate Planning & Vault Manager.

Optional Integrations

Estate Planning & Vault Manager is able to integrate with the other software systems you use every day including Document Mangement Systems, Accounting systems and even Microsoft Outlook. Click here to learn more




Estate Planning & Vault Manager is the most flexible software in Canada, the US and EU. Click here to review the technical requirements of the software.